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Our main products


FAME, SME, TME, RME, PME, UCOME, HVO, among others

Biodiesel feedstocks

Tallow, UCO, Vegetable Oils, Fatty Acids, POME, PFAD, among others

Biofuel tickets

HBE, THG-Quote, RTFC, GHGC, FQD-Quote, GOO, UER, Vertogas and other tickets


Biomethane, among other green gases


Hydrous and anhydrous ethanol mainly for fuel purposes

Voluntary Carbon

Voluntary carbon credits to offset carbon emissions

Food & feed

General raw materials that are processed for human consumption and animal feed

Market intelligence

Market reports, such as Olyx HBE and THG-Quote price assessment

Used cooking oil

Used cooking oil (UCO) is processed as a feedstock to produce biodiesel

Other products

Bio heating oils, glycerine and other products related to biofuels

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